Celebrate the seasons & Time Frames

“Celebrate the Seasons and Time Frames” by Tim Fuller from Twynholm, Dumfries and Galloway.

Tim Fuller is a professional photographer based in Twynholm in Dumfries and Galloway. During the first part of his talk Tim described the influences that have shaped his photography. As a student in Newcastle in the 1980’s he found inspiration in the urban and industrial scenery around him. He was also a frequent visitor to the Side Gallery where he found Don McCullin’s work of particular interest. Tim’s fascination with the natural world developed when he moved to Kielder in Northumberland where he was inspired by the scenery on his journey to work and the wildlife around his home.

Tim described how in developing his photographic business, “Wild-scapes”, it had been important to take a unique approach. His photographs are largely as taken without the computer manipulation that is so popular now. This can make life difficult as he does not believe in removing unwanted elements from his images so he has to work hard to ensure that the originals taken in camera are as near perfect as possible. None of his images are set up or taken in a studio. Humour also plays an important role in his images. He also advised that images which appeal to children tend to sell well.

Tim showed us a wide variety of images including wildlife, landscapes, manmade structures and seascapes. While many of these had been taken in the UK he also showed images from further afield including New Zealand and Australia. In the second half of his presentation Tim showed us images from his current exhibition.

Our next meeting will be on 11th October when Stephen Cheatley from Blackpool will give a talk on his astronomical photography using a telescope. His work can be viewed at http://stephencheatleyphotography.co.uk.

Julie Walker