KPS 1st Open Competition

Keswick Photographic Society’s First Open Competition of the new season was held on 4th October. During the 2017-18 season, there will be another three Open Competitions with each competition being divided into two sections: prints and projected images. Members are allowed to enter up to three prints and three projected images for each competition. The points accrued in the competitions all go towards the Society’s league. In April, a trophy will be awarded to the member achieving the most points in the print section of the league and, similarly, there will be a trophy awarded for the top position in the projected images section. In addition, there will be a trophy for the photographer achieving the top mark when the scores for the prints and projected images are combined. Importantly, the competitions also provide an opportunity for members to show their images and also to gain advice on how to improve their work and develop their photography.

The judge for the First Open Competition was David Stout, DPAGB, EFIAP, PPSA, a Northern Counties Photographic Federation judge. David had travelled all the way from Ryton near Newcastle to judge the competition entries which had been delivered to him ten days prior to the meeting. There were forty-five prints and fifty-nine projected images. David stated that he was really pleased to be judging a competition at Keswick since the Society has been doing extremely well in high-profile external competitions and is currently regarded very highly by the Northern Counties Photographic Federation. He commented that he was not disappointed when he saw the images which were of a very high standard and that this was reflected in the large number of images awarded high marks.

The images were given a score out of twenty and David discussed each image, commenting on the good points and, in some cases, suggesting where improvements could be made. The first half of the evening was devoted to the print entries and after a break for tea and biscuits the projected digital images were considered. In the print section almost one-quarter of the prints comprised nature photographs and the proportion increased to just over a third for the projected images. However most other genres of photography were represented including landscape, portraiture, travel, photojournalism, creative and still life. The majority of the images were in colour but mono photography (black and white) also featured.

The overall winning print with a score of twenty was ‘Bonelli’s Eagle Plucking Pigeon’ by Ronnie Gilbert. This superb pin-sharp print showing ‘nature in the raw’ was chosen by the judge as his top print. Four other prints achieved top scores of twenty and these were: ‘Little Egret with Stickleback’ by Carol Minks, ‘Reeds in Snow, Okunikko’ by Tom Stenhouse, ‘A Different Approach’ by David Woodthorpe and ‘Give us a Kiss Mum’ by Alan Walker. A number of prints received scores of nineteen and these were: ‘The Sunset’ by Carmen Norman, ‘Drinking Bison’ and ‘Red Throated Diver Landing’ both by Carol Minks, ‘Old Chapel Lucignano’ by Alan Walker and ‘At the Water’s Edge’ by Ken Rennie. Following on closely with scores of eighteen were images by Julie Walker, Ken Rennie, Ronnie Gilbert, Marilyn Woodthorpe, Tom Stenhouse and Marcus Mackay.

The overall winner of the projected images section was ‘Eye on Tewet Tarn’ by Ken Rennie. This was a beautiful dawn image looking across Tewet Tarn. One other projected image also achieved a top score of twenty and this was ‘Wren and Lichen’ by Tony Marsh. This featured a delightful jaunty-looking wren perched on a lichen-covered fence post. As with the prints, a number of projected images received scores of nineteen and these were: ‘Alaskan Brown Bear’ and ‘Buzkashi Horseman Mongolia’ both by Ronnie Gilbert, ‘Leopard Stalking in the Shadows’ by Alan Walker, ‘Three in a Row’ by Ken Rennie, ‘Bison Bull Resting’ and ‘Calling Snipe’ both by Carol Minks, ‘Singing Robin’ by Tricia Rayment and ‘Fatherly Love’ by Julie Walker. Images with scores of eighteen were awarded to Julie Walker, Marcus Mackay, Ronnie Gilbert, David Woodthorpe, Tony Marsh, David Rayment and Alan Walker.

David Woodthorpe thanked the judge for all his hard work judging the images. The next meeting of the Society on Wednesday October 18th is entitled ‘A Square Mile’ and will be a presentation by Phil Buckle. Our meetings take place at The Friends Meeting House, Elliott Park, Keswick, CA12 5NZ on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. You will be most welcome to join us.

(Tricia Rayment)