KPS 2nd Open Competition 15th November 2017

Keswick Photographic Society’s Second Open Competition was held on 15th November. The judge for the evening was Jack Bamford, DPAGB, AFIAP, APAGB. Jack is a Northern Counties Photographic Federation judge and, prior to moving away from the area, used to be a member of the Society. The competition entries consisted of forty-eight prints and sixty-nine projected digital images which Jack, during the previous ten days, had been studying and then awarding scores out of twenty.

The evening commenced with the prints. Jack discussed each image, commenting on the good points and, in some cases, suggesting where improvements could be made and then he announced the image score. A total of seven prints received top scores of twenty, reflecting the high quality of the work submitted. The overall winning print was ‘Waiting’ by Alan Walker. This beautifully printed image featured a wistful and sad-looking lady sitting on a window seat and leaning against a stack of suitcases. Another of Alan’s prints entitled ‘Red Deer Stag in Snow’ was also awarded a top score of twenty. The five other prints achieving top scores were: ‘3 Trees + 1’ by Ken Rennie, ‘Waiting for Mother in the Rain’ by Ronnie Gilbert, ‘Whimbrel’ by Carol Minks, ‘Little Owl Peekaboo’ by Keith Snell and ‘Fear in the Subway’ by Julie Walker. Just one point behind the top prints were five prints which received scores of nineteen and these were: ‘At the Water Hole’ by Keith Snell, ‘Red Necked Phalarope’ by Carol Minks, ‘Golden Hour at Winskill Stones’ by Ken Rennie, Male Kingfisher with Minnow’ by Marilyn Woodthorpe and ‘Red Squirrel with Heather’ by Ronnie Gilbert. Another six images achieved very good scores of eighteen and these were by Julie Walker, Alan Walker, Tony Marsh, John Macfarlane, Ken Rennie and David Woodthorpe.

After a break for tea and biscuits, and the chance to view the winning prints in greater detail, the second half of the evening was devoted to the projected image entries. Again a number of images achieved the top score and, within these, Jack chose ‘Redwing Singing in the Rain’ as his overall winner. This delightful image featured a redwing perched on a branch and singing with great gusto despite the rain. The bird was pin-sharp but the background rendered expertly out of focus. Four other images scored twenty and these were: ‘Steph in Red’ and ‘Green Parrot Snake’, both by Julie Walker, ‘Osprey Take Off’ by Ronnie Gilbert and ‘Watendlath Fell’ by Ken Rennie. Five images received scores of nineteen and these were: ‘Dance of the Crane’ and ‘Waiting for the Ice’, both by John Macfarlane, ‘I Look Up to Him’ by Alan Walker, ‘Brittany’ by Ken Rennie and ‘Get Off its Mine’ by Tom Stenhouse. Ten projected images were awarded scores of eighteen and these were by Ronnie Gilbert (2 images), Alan Walker (2 images), Carol Minks (2 images), Wendy Jordan, Ken Rennie, Keith Snell and Julie Walker.

Keith Snell, the Society’s chairman thanked the judge for all his hard work judging the images. Our meetings take place at The Friends Meeting House, Elliott Park, Keswick, CA12 5NZ on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. You will be most welcome to join us.

(Tricia Rayment)