Member’s Night October 25th 2017

A photographic competition devoted to the subject of ‘Water’ formed the basis of the meeting on Wednesday 25th October. The judge was Alan Walker, MPAGB, ARPS, MPSA, EFIAP, a member of the Society. Alan regularly judges competitions for other photographic clubs and is a certified Northern Counties Photographic Federation judge so members were assured of having an expert giving the critique of their images. The real purpose of the evening was a chance for members to submit pictures in a more relaxed way since the marks awarded did not go towards the season’s photographic league. It also gave members the opportunity to see how they could ‘improve’ their photography. Since not all members of the Society produce prints, the competition was confined to projected digital images (PDIs) and members could enter up to three images each.

Alan had received the thirty-six anonymous PDI entries from twelve members a few days prior to the meeting. On the evening, Alan gave his critique commenting on each image, giving constructive criticism where necessary and awarding a mark. Alan gave helpful advice on composition, choice of viewpoint, depth of field, exposure, shutter speed, cropping and relevance to the subject. Alan pointed out the difficulty of getting exposure correct with areas of white water and he emphasised that when entering a ‘set subject’ competition it is important to keep to the chosen set subject and to make sure that it is the most important element in the picture. The images submitted all featured water in some form or another, including waterfalls, water droplets, calm sea, crashing waves, rivers, lakes and frozen water and these sometimes combined with other elements such as reflections, people, animals, plants or man-made structures.

Four images received a top score of twenty and three of these were by Tony Marsh. Tony’s images were ‘Water Fight’, depicting three gannets tussling over a fish in swirling water, ‘Water and Grass’, a lovely image of part of a waterfall taken with a slow shutter speed and ‘Dew on Swollen-thighed Beetle’ a superb close-up image of a strikingly coloured beetle resting on a hairy leaf, both beetle and leaf being covered by a myriad of tiny water droplets. 

The fourth image to achieve a top score was ‘The Last Drop’ by Ken Rennie and it was chosen as the overall winning image by the judge. This atmospheric image taken with a slow shutter speed featured water cascading down over delicately lit rocks into a pool at the bottom of a waterfall.

Four images achieved a score of nineteen: ‘Reflected Solway Sunset’ and ‘Breaking Wave’ both by Keith Snell, ‘Slavonian Grebe Drying Off’ by Carol Minks and ‘Ullswater Boat House’ by Tom Stenhouse. Scores of eighteen were awarded to six images: ‘Ice and Water’ by Carol Minks, ‘At Nichol End’ by Aline Hopkins, ‘Surging Water’ and ‘Evening Light’ both by Ken Rennie, ‘Wet Feet’ by Stephen Harris and ‘Aira Force’ by Michael Rowlinson

Keith Snell, the Society’s chairman thanked Alan for his hard work judging the images and for his constructive comments.

The full gallery of submitted images can be viewed here