Photography my way – A talk by Margaret Elliot 

This week at Keswick Photography Society we were treated to a wonderful talk by Margaret Elliott entitled “Photography My Way.”

Margaret is from Dumfries Camera club and has been a photographer for over a decade with DPAGB, EFIAP qualifications. 

Her stunning set of images included Panel of Flower details, which demonstrated her skill with the camera. It showed the amazing colours of a variety of flowers including Orchids. Using a very shallow depth of field to capture the details gave a beautifully artistic and visually stunning panel.

A second panel included B&W portraits.

Margaret spoke about how you can crop an image to improve composition, tips on processing to improve the image and how important it is to look at the detail.

She spoke about how her photography has progressed over the years from darkroom development, digital,  composite pics, textures, to the creation of digital art. She demonstrated the importance of different types of paper and how they can give a different feel to the final image, reminding us to always check the edges of images to make sure you have not cropped too tight.

Showing the same image in both B&W and colour, she asked us to choose which image we preferred  but we found that it was rarely a unanimous answer. It’s very subjective.

In the second half of the evening Margaret showed some wildlife images and again discussed how her photography style had progressed over the years. She gave us some information on how wildlife subjects were captured – eg. using peanuts to attract birds and other small animals.

Margaret reminded us that it is important to enjoy your photography and take your images, your way, for you.  Even if a picture has been done before. she said “But I don’t care They are mine!”

Our first meeting of the season

Alan Walker

Our first meeting of the season was on Wednesday 6th September and was very well attended in our new home in the Quaker Meeting House in Keswick. Members enjoyed a presentation by the Chairman on African wildlife and a number of members showed their winning images from last season’s competitions and explained how they took the shots. A report will appear in the Keswick Reminder on Thursday 14th September.

Carmen Norman

We were extremely pleased to hear the outcomes of the Photographic Society of America international interclub competitions which came out during our summer break. The Society came top of their league in the Nature section and second in the open projected image section. But much more notable was that Carmen Norman’s photo titled The Curtsy was judged as the best image overall from all 130 clubs participating in the open projected image section and Alan Walker’s Kingfisher image was judged the best image overall from the 40 clubs that participated in the Nature section. Congratulations to both of them for their outstanding achievement.